Blendium is a professional B2B eCommerce design and development firm. We specialize in building Magento Enterprise and Magento Community sites that will impress even your most ardent customers.

Responsive Design Template

While we'd love to started every Magento site's UX and Design from scratch utilizing our responsive design experiences, sometimes budgets don't allow for that depth of a project. In this case, we're here to help you choose and implement a template-based site with minimal to extensive customizations based on your business needs.

Balancing site performance, quality of experience and ongoing maintainability is a high priority. We continually evaluated techniques for deferring, contextually loading and scaling assets before finding a compromise within Magento's constraints and your eCommerce goals.

Responsive Design Hybrid

Retro-fit your existing Magento template. Do you already have a wonderful site that works for your customers on a desktop computer, but are now in need of a mobile and/or tablet friendly version?

The end result is not a pure responsive design, but a retro-fit based site. We'll utilize our best practices to fold in mobile and tablet experiences that follow responsive design. But, starting with your existing template...

Mobile Apps

Creating a mobile app in addition to the web site can go a long way in attracting new visitors.

Often times, there are features that cannot be incorporated into a web page and a mobile application is the better strategy. Usually considered supplimental to your main eCommerce site. Of course, mobile apps are device specific, so designing and developing apps for Android or iOS (or both) needs to be considered.

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IT Governance

Our methodologies give you the ability to measure performance and sustain the solution over time. More…